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DBZ Sound Board DBZ Sound Board

Rated 2 / 5 stars

dude this aint no game

Wierd Kame : thats Gokuh's (jap)original voice
Yelling Something : Thats vegeta's (jap)original voice Big bang attack

Dragon Ball series does have adult themes. Mostly the Dragon Ball series. From profanity to blood and gore to nudity, it has it all. DBZ cut down on the nudity but didnt have that much of it. This is ok but i dont see the point so im sorry. I think you should take that outta your comments box cause i think thats why your score was so low. Im a big fan to and because of your coment thats why i voted low. If you were a true fan you wouldve noticed that blurring in the series and the cut scenes. like the tree blocking gohans junk in " The Tree of Might" or Gokuh going thru king Piccolo's stomach or Bulma flashing Mutenroshi or Muten roshi reading porno books.