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DBZ - Vegeta kills Gohan DBZ - Vegeta kills Gohan

Rated 1 / 5 stars

huhh god.......

you no......... i figured this would die down but i was wrong. Comedy skits are funny when your favorite characters are doin things u never thought they would be doin. Changing a scene from the show like, gokuh marryin sumone else or yamucha and bulma marryin instead. stuff like that are funny. This is just embarrassin the show and the characters.
Gohan is half human, All humans dont like to fight. Have you really seen gokuh back down from a fight now. Gohan doesnt like to fight, theyve said that countless times. If my mom constantly made me study to become a scholar, i would do it. From homeschol to high school, thats what he did. Can ne high school say they would forget about schoool and train. I can say that but i can only do it for so long. IF you got no oppents to fight whats the point. He was the strongest, take a break.
He nos he the strongest so why bother, theirs no need. Stop makin movies like this. you sounds were very nice and you style of animation. but take this show to another level and dont make kiddy things like this. Make people stop badmouthin Dragon ball cause it gets annoyin to hear americans say the things they say. please take my advice or ill ask someone to do it and show you how its suppose to be done.

LgdVegetto responds:

Goku : Oh you want to know how it's done? Go watch the Vegetto series...

Vegeta : "DBZ - Return of Vegetto"

Goku : "DBZ - Vegetto's Bloodlust 1"

Vegeta : And "DBZ - Vegetto's Bloodlust 2"

Goku : ESPECIALLY Vegetto's bloodlust 2....

Vegeta : This drawn flash is nowhere my real intentions to take DBZ to it's "True Potential"...

Goku : Just wait....It has only begun... ;)

Vegeta : and ANYONE else who views this movie should REALLY go check out our other DBZ submissions...

The Real Legend The Real Legend

Rated 5 / 5 stars

New vs old

You guys are cmplaining so much man damn. The old voices were funny and all but these make the movie more belieavable. The girl who did zelda and navi is a really really good actor. She made me think she was actually the characters. Everyone hates new voices but youll get use to it. I didnt notice till i was showing my cousins the movies on here and all a sudden the voice of navi actually sounded like a gurl. I was happy cuase the new vocies are better. The old navi was funny but this one is more better and thats it. Be glad he got more people to act for him and look forward to them voice acting for future movies

Maximum Chakra Maximum Chakra

Rated 5 / 5 stars

WOW!!! just....... WOW

Its so amazing how people cant read these days. It said clearly, "inspired by Yu Yu hakusho". Un believable.....anyway this is so amazing man. I like how you have the character talking to us. ANd nice rebound man. The whole game transforming him to a stick is cool. and 1 day...wow man.

Your smoke effects look just like the tv animes. and i like how you have stick, then sticks with faces, then fully drawn. thats why i gave you a 10 for style.

I also LOVE the sounds. You have sounds for every single movement and its amazing. No dead silence at all. And i heard from a friend that you were gonna add more to this and resubmit it. Well i cant wait man cause if you made this almost 1 min clip, imagine how a 5 min one will be like lol.

And the yusuke in trouble song fit perfectly. PLease make this a series man cause i love it. Oh and i saw the Fury preview at the end. I hope your gonna continue it cause its a really cool style and is SOOOOO close to the whole dragon ball series.

Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre Dragon Ball Infinite::Pre

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great movie man but...

Lemme explain something cause you guys are really pissin me off. Most of you are saying dbz is lame with no story and only fighting. This is why america dont need other countrys to send them stuff. You critize stuff you really cant do and imean cant do. Your all naming animes that are so called better but most have are on cartoon network meaning you havent seen anything. things have genres and for the fighting genre dbz is the best. like naruto is the best for ninja animes right now, inuyasha is the best for adventure animes etc. DBz has lasted for 13 years in japan and recieved so many awards because it wasnt just viewed but punk kids. it was viewed by both adults and kids. It has adventure, story which some cant even think of, alot of comedy and adult comedy and the best action using energy. just shut up and review the damn movie. stop trying to find a reason to complain cause i dont wanna read them anymore. great movie man but i hope you make it really long.

Buu's Early Demise Buu's Early Demise

Rated 5 / 5 stars


1st off what do you know about anime. Dragon ball z not only has the best action then any other animation but it has crazy adventure, comedy, style, and excellant music. Get it together man. You arent from japan so you really dont know what quality is ok. do u know what japanese animators look for??? style, quality. scenary. Some of these scenarys are just amazing these days. It makes you fell calm and comfortable. Did you even notice that in the buu saga how bright the light effects were and how much destruction he did with the rocks. Its nothing from overrated.yu yu hakusho and kenshin are excellant but dbz is the best plain and simple. and not cause of the fighting but the difference it has in story from otehrs and style it has from others and the animation it has and the comedy it has that makes yoiu wanna pee in your pants. lemme ask you something. if you had someone stepping on your head while you were layin on a rock, what would u do. thats all americans look for fighting. yo9u guys need to think before you talk and learn more about the history of animation. this movie was pretty good man and i cant wait for your other one.

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tysonwritesel responds:

Thankyou very much for your review, I'm glad you enjoyed this movie. The next one will be more time consuming as it has more original work involved.

Anime Is Awesome Anime Is Awesome

Rated 0 / 5 stars

why wont you answer questions

LOL wow thats bad music. ok lets get serious. why are you not answering these questions. You submitted a movie, with a review/response choice. They dont have to stop bugging you because your the one who sent in a movie to a site mainly inspired by anime. Stop being disrespectful. Anime is a different style that has shown everyone in the world just what you can do with a pencil and paper. Alot of people dont like it because truthfully the japanese are the best animators....point blank. Their the best at it and they take pride in doing it. Their are good american animators too but the japanese are the best. except it because no matter where you turn, anime is everywhere. If you really dont like it, i suggest you stop watching tv, dont go to the movies, and stay in the house cause thats where its at. Ok im not gonna curse at you because i dont need to. Everyone enjoys doing something. you dont have to be outside all the time because sometimes the people outside are the ones with no life. sometimes people who go out side just go to anoterh friedns house and do the same thing they do at theris or just hangout somewhere. Animating is life itself for some. same as sports, cooking, and even sex. Everyone loves something and just cause you love that something, doesnt mean you dont have a life. You sound like you from another country like england but i dont know. Read this review carefully and answer carefully cause i no you will answer it. Stop being so hateful. And by the way, this is from AkiratoriyamaJr. he told me to put this review under my name because he didnt want your movie with his reviews. He has a nice selection of movies in his reviews. Their all good. But please man, just stop. If your gonna continue sending work like this to a site inspired by anime, just...leave. sorry but thats what you should really do. Oh and i suggest you chose your words "carefully" cause if you say somehting that pinches me the wrong way, i will ask akira to make a special movie for you,k

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RaNcIdPsYcHoJoSh responds:

Too much fucking idiotic and off-topic bullshit to comprehend, so let's just end this abruptly by saying that username of yours makes you a hypocrite.

Sonic X Chaotic Battle Sonic X Chaotic Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


people, sega didnt steal yellow hair from dbz. Japanese animes seem to think that blonde hair is powerful and it is. thats why alot of anime characters change to that color. I love dbz very much but it didnt creat the whole blonde hair trend. and in sonic, they do have speed battles. again dbz is the best but sonic does fight with the fast punches and kicks. so he took like what 2 scenes from the dbz movies, so what its still the bets right now.

Happy Hitler Happy Hitler

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i get it lol

ooo LOL i see what your saying. the movie finished but the play button aint work. it was finished.i think you did that on purpose to show how people dont even watch movies anymore lol. they just click the movie click off and blam blam blam. like always lol. i get your point and for eveyone else who cant see it think about it really good. it got past the judgement. that means the score was igth enough for it to pass meaning.....people vote wat ever and not watch.lol i aint explan it but i was laughing at what others said. i guess ill give you all 10 lols dont matter though right people think its a movie lol

Cole W Mole :: Trailer Cole W Mole :: Trailer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

great color man

hey this is really colorful. i love colorful movies, i mean god this is just so coorful and man. i noticed that animators on NG and the naime companys have been getting more colorful. this is a game ill be weaiting for. i never play a game on NG but i cant wait for this one. but i wanted to know did you use toon boom studio cause the camera was really clean movements and TBS does that well. its better that flash alot say cause you can do alot. just wanted to know if you use it. if not then really great camera views

Broken Saints 24 Trailer Broken Saints 24 Trailer

Rated 5 / 5 stars

excellant animation and art

excellant man. The color and art are just amazing. I also love your effects. Their really just beautiful. You all ( i think this is a group project right? ) deserve all those awards. I cant wait for 24. Besides you, i love ninjai too. You both are proving what flash can really do so i say keep it up and show those animators in hollywood what we can do. Show them what fresh ideas we have